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Housing and Rate update 5/31/2016

Tight Inventory Restricting Sales: The usually strong spring housing market will be strong this year but could be far stronger, if only there were more homes for sale. The number of listings continues to drop, as demand outstrips supply and potential sellers bow out, fearing they won’t be able to find something else to buy. […]

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2015 Lock in

The new year is here and with it a new season for life and business.  Every season requires its own focus and for 2015 the focus of our business is to Lock in.  This means that we want to make sure that every one of our clients is locked into the lowest fixed rate mortgage […]

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Rates Move Lower: Mortgage Rate Update 3/3/14

View Rates here Interest rates a make fast and significant move lower.  The move lower has moved us to the bottom of the current trading range.  Only 2 short months ago we were at the top of the current range and in danger of a significant move higher.  This move lower has opened up a […]

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Government Begins Qualified Mortgage

On January 10th the government rolled out new restrictions on what terms could be in a mortgage. These rules included: -debt to income ratios being stopped at 43%                                                       […]

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Bankruptcy due to poor advisers

Vince Young declares chapter 11 bankruptcy only 3 years after making millions of dollars.  Between 2006-2011 Vince Young made around $30 million dollars and yet today he has between $500k and $1 million dollars in assets and liabilities somewhere between $1 million and $10 million dollars.  He is suing his agent and financial adviser for […]

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Jobs Report: Rates Lower

This mornings job report expected an additional 200,000 jobs but the economy added only 74,000. While the unemployment rate fell to 6.7% from 7% because the participation rate fell from 63% to 62.8%.  This is the lowest participation number in over 30 years. The poor headline number of 74,000 encourages the federal reserve to keep […]

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