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Category Archives: Rate Information

Rates Move Lower: Mortgage Rate Update 3/3/14

View Rates here Interest rates a make fast and significant move lower.  The move lower has moved us to the bottom of the current trading range.  Only 2 short months ago we were at the top of the current range and in danger of a significant move higher.  This move lower has opened up a […]

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Rate Alert: Taper Begins

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that they were tapering (reducing) their bond buying from $85 billion a month to $75 billion a month.  Meaning $10 billion dollars of possible government and mortgage bond purchase money is officially gone.  The more important development is this is an actually step towards complete removal of Fed bond purchases […]

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Rates Stabilize: Mortgage Rate Update 11/25/2013

View Rates Rates have stabilized over the last three months settling between 4.125% and 4.75% on a 30 yr fixed mortgage*.  You can see the stabilization below in the 1 year chart of the 10 yr treasury. During May and June there was an extreme move higher. Yet rates now are almost exactly where they […]

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Surprise Chicago PMI moves rates higher

It has been a strange Halloween morning in the interest rate world.  Rates moved lower to start the morning off of the normal not so great unemployment numbers.  But then minutes before Chicago PMI was released they jumped higher.  Then surprise surprise Chicago PMI came in 10.9 points higher than expected at 65.9.  Better economic […]

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Taper Announcement: Rate Update 9/17/2013

  View Rates Here Record low rates started their move higher in early May because of talk about Fed taper.  Fed taper is simply the reduction of quantitative easing and quantitative easing is when the Federal Reserve buys bonds to lower rates thus helping the economy.  Originally the fed was only buying treasury bonds but […]

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Rates Have Risen: Rate update 7/11/2013

  View Rates Here Record low rates have disappeared over the last 2 months but mortgages are still a bargain.  The first chart below shows the move in the 10 year treasury from May 1st to July 11th, a move up of 67%.  This move is the biggest percentage move up in any 2 month […]

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