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2014 Be Prepared

The new year is here and with it a new season for life and business.  Every season requires its own focus and for 2014 the focus of our business is Be Prepared.  This means that we want to make sure that every one of our clients is prepared for whatever change in rates, housing prices or lending standards 2014 may hold.

Prepared is defined in the dictionary as properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready.  Our job as your Mortgage Advisers is to make sure your properly expectant of what may come to pass with your current mortgage situation as well as how any change could affect your future home ownership goals.  We are committed to making sure we have an organized view of what your current situation is and what your future goals are.  We plan to equip you by providing you with the important information that is occurring in the mortgage industry and then tailoring solutions to fit your individual circumstances.  By focusing on the theme Be Prepared we expect for our clients to be ready or dare I say prepared for anything the market throws our way.

Every year we experience some change but we believe that 2014 may end up being a year of major change.  This possibility is what sparked the theme Be Prepared.  We will be informing you on each change that occurs through our website, with emails like this, checking in over the phone and on our facebook page.  We look forward to serving you this year.