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Rates Have Risen: Rate update 7/11/2013


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Record low rates have disappeared over the last 2 months but mortgages are still a bargain.  The first chart below shows the move in the 10 year treasury from May 1st to July 11th, a move up of 67%.  This move is the biggest percentage move up in any 2 month period in at least the last 10 years.  The move can be attributed to the Federal Reserves increased conversation about tapering quantitative easing.  This has scared investors and cause them to not want to buy bonds at those historically low levels and thus the 67% move up.  Yet don’t be tricked by percentage moves as rates are so low that moves can be made to seem larger than they actually are.  Rates are lower today than any day from 1956 thru July 2011.  That is to say that today’s rates are lower than 55 of the last 57 years.  So if you haven’t refinanced in the last two years please give us a call today to see if you can still save money.  Also if you are thinking about buying a home give us a call long before you are ready to buy so that we can help you create a plan to reach your goal of buying your first or next home.




3 Month Chart 10 year Treasury

10 yr treasury 3 month chart July 11th larger





32 year chart 10 year treasury

10 yr treasury 32 year chart july 11 2013