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Home Financing Should Not be an Impulse Buy

All purchases fall under two categories: impulse and destination.  Ice cream is an impulse buy.  After you finish shopping at Target you walk out and see a Golden Spoon.  No one can resist the allure of wonderful frozen yogurt that is fat free and tastes like wonderfully flavored sugar.  Thus seeing the store has forced your impulse to buy.  On the other hand a kitchen counter is a destination buy.  If your husband drove by home depot and decided to go in and purchase the counters just because he was passing by you would beat him.  Instead a kitchen counter is something we create a plan and a budget for.  We investigate to figure out what kind and color we want and find the best price combined with someone qualified to install it.  Your home loan should be a destination purchase and not an impulse buy.  Don’t just use the convenient place that is next to Target instead seek out the best in the business.  I have built my business on offering the best price as well the best plan and process to get you your loan.  Call today for your free consultation.